Solar thermal case study – swimming pool

Chudleigh swimming pool

In 2009 Chudleigh Community Project (CCP) asked us to install a solar thermal system for their outdoor community swimming pool. CCP wanted to reduce the environmental and financial costs of heating their outdoor community swimming pool which until then was solely heated using a gas boiler unit.

solar thermal for a swimming pool

Solar thermal system Chudleigh community swimming pool

We decided that the requirements were best served by a flat plate system, using 50m² of very high quality collectors made by Tisun in Austria, being fed by a PAW commercial pump station and Resol control equipment through a high capacity stainless steel heat exchanger. As part of the control system we incorporated a data-logging system that included:

  • flow rate of the solar fluid
  • collector temperature
  • solar fluid flow temperature prior to heat exchanger
  • solar fluid return temperature after passing through heat exchanger
  • temperature of the swimming pool water
  • intensity of sunlight
  • ambient temperature

This information gives the actual energy contribution from the solar thermal system into the pool so performance can be monitored.

So far the data logging has shown a very useful input from the system with a significant reduction in gas consumption.

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