Cooker stoves now eligible for RHI

Changes to the RHI brings good news if you have installed a cooker stove or want to install one but were put off because they weren’t eligible for the RHI.

Cooker stoves are now eligible for the domestic RHI. As long as they meet all other RHI requirements, cooker stoves that have been designed to heat space and water but can also be used for cooking* are on the RHI product eligibility list.

If you had a cooker stove installed any time before 5th April you can apply for the RHI up to 31 July 2015 or up to 1 year after installation.

Definition of ‘cooker stoves’*

Cooker stove means a biomass stove which is capable of generating heat for the purpose of cooking food but which is designed to ensure that heat generated for that purpose is incidental to, and cannot be controlled separately from, any heat generated for the purpose of space heating or domestic hot water heating.