Sustainable fuel for biomass

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) are introducing new regulations to make sure fuel used in biomass systems is sustainable. From 5th October 2015 both Domestic and Non-Domestic customers claiming the RHI on biomass systems will be obliged to use sustainable fuel that complies with DECC’s criteria.

Choosing your supplier of woodfuel

The simplest way to do this is search by postcode on the biomass suppliers list (BSL),  a DECC-approved list of suppliers that meet the RHI sustainability criteria. If your current supplier isn’t on the list you can always ask them to sign up to the BSL.

Self-suppliers of woodfuel

If you are a self-supplier of wood (using wood from your own estate) for a boiler that generates less that 1MW there is no need to register on the BSL. However, there is a little more paperwork to do! You’ll need to provide evidence that you can self-supply your own wood eg a woodland management plan.
more information on self-suppliers of woodfuel

Regular declarations to OFGEM

OFGEM expect all RHI participants to adhere to these standards from 5th October 2015.

Domestic scheme

You will need to make an annual declaration that your fuel meets the sustainability requirements.

Non-domestic scheme

DECC requires a quarterly declaration the fuel meets the sustainability requirements.

Fuel purchase records

Don’t forget that as part of the current RHI requirements you need to keep records of your fuel purchases.