Pellet stoves

A pellet stove can be used simply for space heat or for both heat and hot water. Either way, you have the option of a good looking stove you might have in your living room with a glass window so you can see the flames or a utility boiler where looks aren’t important as it will be in a separate space. These systems allow you to run a programme so the heating and hot water come on at times of the day to suit you, just like a gas boiler.

Woodburner for homes from The Good Heat Company

A pellet stove for the living room heating space and hot water.

Heat and hot water

A pellet boiler that provides heat and hot water can be automatically fed or hand fed. Which one to choose depends on your lifestyle.

A boiler that feeds pellets automatically is the solution for minimal manual intervention. A lorry delivers pellets that are blown into your hopper and the hopper automatically feeds your boiler in response to your programme.

Should you prefer a visible flame stove in your home the hopper needs to be manually fed with pellets every day or two, depending on how much heat and hot water you need.

Pay back the cost of the boiler and some fuel over 7 years with the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) or for commercial properties the Non-Domestic RHI.

What space do you need?

The size of the biomass boiler depends on how much heat you need. We will advise you on this when we do a survey. You will need a store for the pellets, that would be a watertight pellet store for an automatically blown pellets or dry storage for bags of pellets if you are manually filling your hopper.

Survey and quote

Call us for an estimate and we will arrange a visit with you on site for a survey and to understand what you need from the system. From there we will go on to design the system with you and quote. The quote will include an estimate of likely return from the RHI..

For a quote that includes expected return from the RHI on your property:

contact us on 01548 821045 or send us an email.